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Play with Purpose Video Fact Sheet: #3 Hand and Feet Painting

What you need

  • For Colour:  Acrylic Paint in any colour you like: Black, Brown, Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow or White 
  • For texture: Glitter, Sparkles, Beads, Ribbons, Streamers, Shiny stuff, Buttons 
  • For help:  Glue 
  • For Safety:  An old sheet 

What to do

  1. Go and ask mum or dad which paints and materials you can use.
  2. Start with a blank canvas, a piece of cardboard or a large sheet of butcher’s paper.
  3. Place an old sheet underneath to keep the area clean
  4. Now you are ready… just have a go. Use the paint and materials to create anything you like. You can start with shapes or colours, or a mixture of both. 

    * You can use your fingers, hands, feet and toes to create different shapes.
    * If you need some help sticking something down, use a little bit of glue.
    * And if you need to cut anything, make sure you use some safety scissors.


    Be sure mum or dad are around to help when using scissors and glue. 

  5.  When you’re finished you can proudly share your masterpiece with your family and friends. 
  6. It’s now time to clean up. That means yourself, your clothes, and the area. So maybe you can ask mum or dad to help. 

And that’s it…. it’s so easy! Now have fun and remember always… ‘Play With Purpose’.