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girl walking under rain

Top ten rainy day activities

Step 1 - Jump in puddles

Don’t forget your gumboots!

Step 2 - Make an indoor fort

Make sure it is extra cosy when its cold and wet outside

Step 3 - Create a foam bath in the sink

See how big you can make the bubbles!

Step 4 - Play hide and seek

Don’t forget to count to 20

Step 5 - Read your favourite book

You can even make your very own bookmark so that you don’t lose your page

Step 6 - Hold a tea party

Send out some invites and bring your friends along

Step 7 - Make some playdough

Try adding some glitter for an extra bit of sparkle

Step 8 - Build an obstacle course

How long does it take you to finish your course?

Step 9 - Bake some cookies with Mum

Remember to lick the spoon!

Step 10 - Create some binoculars

What can you see through them?