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kids hanging from the tree

AUT’s Real Play advice for parents

Here’s a few tips and tricks from AUT on Real Play for parents

Provide Permission to let your kids enjoy Real Play

  • Make the decision to make Real Play a priority in your home and for your family
  • Balance the risks of play out with the potential benefits that will come from Real Play
  • Lead by example – show your kids how to enjoy Real Play

Develop a plan

  • Make a list of all the ways in which your family can be involved in Real Play
  • Make time for activities during the week, but don’t forgot to include a wet weather plan too!

Be prepared

  • Check you have rain gear and gumboots for everyone
  • Think about places in your neighbourhood you could get Real Play materials from (tyres, ropes, sticks etc.)

Do it!

  • Think outside the square with your ideas 
  • Be prepared to change your plans
  • Don’t worry about other parents – let your kids lead the way when playing!


  • Make sure your friends and family know what you are doing
  •  Share the experience!