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Looking to find the best laundry detergent for you and your family? You’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Persil’s range of laundry products. Whether you want a washing powder or liquid detergent or a capsule, our cleaning power promises to help. Learn the difference between the Active Clean and Sensitive variants in our Laundry Articles and find the best laundry detergent for you.

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Let’s start with the basics – what is a detergent? Laundry detergent is a cleaning agent, either in the form of a liquid, powder, capsule or tablet, that is added to your washing machine to clean your clothes, remove stains and leave them smelling fresh.

What is the difference Active Clean,  and Sensitive and which is right for you? Active Clean detergents contain stain-busting enzymes, effective in breaking down the protein, starches and fats often found in stains. These enzymes even work at low temperatures. Our sensitive detergents don’t contain fragrances, dyes or enzymes to be a little kinder to skin. 

The best laundry detergent for you could depend on which form you choose. Capsules go straight into the machine drumand there’s no need for measuring dosage, making them easy and convenient. Liquid and powder forms have a more flexible dosage for smaller or larger loads, and liquid can be convenient for pre-treating stains. 

All Persil detergents provide a great solution for tackling the toughest stains and are also effective at lower temperatures, pick the one that is most suited to you and your lifestyle.