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Washing capsules

Washing Capsules

Convenient and efficient, Persil laundry capsules deliver the right dose every time. These handy washing machine capsules are pre-measured to make every load a little easier – giving you maximum results with minimal effort. Choose our Dual Capsules to clean and lift stains or browse our Active Clean and Sensitive options to find the best laundry capsules for your needs.

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Getting the best out of your Persil capsules!

There’s no mess and no dosing device required when it comes to using Persil laundry capsules. Simply pop one into the drum of your washing machine, load your clothes, and start the cycle. Persil dual capsules have built in stain removers for added power.

Persil’s laundry capsules come in either convenient easy-seal pouches or tubs – such as our family size Persil Dual capsules 26 pack. Keep your Persil pouch or tub sealed and stored in a dry place, away from little ones and pets.

For an extra stain-removing boost, try Persil Dual capsules. The detergent capsule contains deep-cleaning stain removers, giving it the edge on really tough stains. For extra power, why not pre-treat the stain with one of our liquid detergents or a paste of Persil powder and water. 

Don’t worry if you have sensitive skin, because Persil has a capsule for you.. Our sensitive formula contains no enzymes, has a light floral fragrance, and is dermatologically tested which means it is gentle on sensitive skin but tough on stains.