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Washing powder

Washing Powder

Powerful cleaning power and great value – washing powders have stood the test of time for a reason, but which is the best washing powder for you? Browse our full range to find out. Persil Sensitive Washing Powder is ideal for sensitive skin while the Active Clean variant is super tough on stains and our Ultimate Powder keeps white fabrics brilliantly bright.

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Unleash the power of washing powders

Washing powders have been around a long time for good reason – they offer great cleaning results but are affordable too. Choosing the best washing powder for your needs will involve learning the difference between Active Clean and Sensitive washing powder and thinking about the type of laundry you normally do.

How much washing powder to use on your laundry depends on the size of the load, how soiled the clothes are, and whether you have hard or soft water. A standard dose of Persil washing powder is 1 scoop for Active Clean and Sensitive and 1.5 scoops for Ultimate but always check the packaging and adjust it for your needs.

Washing powders can be put in the dispenser drawer (front loaders and high efficiency machines) or straight into the drum (top loaders). Whatever you chose, measure your dose with the scoop, so you don’t use too much or too little.

Not sure which washing powder to choose? Persil Bio and Non-Bio Washing Powder both have added wash booster, making them tough on stains, but non-bio washing powder doesn’t contain enzymes so it’s kind to skin. The enzymes in our bio washing powder mean it is still effective at lower temperatures.