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As laundry uses resources and produces waste, the way we go about it can make a big difference to the environment. That’s why we are committed to environmental awareness, both in how we make our products, and how they are used. Read our articles on water sustainability and energy saving tips so see how you can help us do more.

Environmental awareness with Persil 

Sustainability is about using resources in a way that won't affect future generations. Every time you put a wash on you use over 50L of water, as well as energy to heat the water and operate the machine. Packaging waste is also generated – we want to reduce all of this.

Washing your clothes at 20°C (cold), being conscious of which cycle you choose and the amount of loads you do – there are heaps of ways that you can save energy and water at home. Persil is designed to work well in cold water to help you make more sustainable decisions in the laundry. Explore our energy saving tips for more ways to increase your energy efficiency at home. 

All of our Persil Liquid Detergent bottles are 100% recyclable. To find out why recycling is important, check out our energy saving tips and recycling advice.