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Your favourite Persil now has no Phosphate

One of the aims of the Cleaner Planet Plan is for Persil to halve it’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. The first step has been to remove phosphates from Persil and replace them with less greenhouse gas intensive ingredients that still deliver brilliant results.

This has led to a 30% reduction in the greenhouse gas footprint. By using new Persil, a household will save 20 kg of CO2 a year. If every New Zealand household used Persil, it would equate to a saving of  18,000  tonnes of CO2 a year, or the equivalent of taking 7,000 cars off the road.

Our concentrated liquids and powders have littler bottles and boxes, so that you can get more bottles in a truck-load, saving on deliveries. In the first year Small & Mighty took 130 truck journeys off the road. Good news for road safety, vehicle noise and our carbon footprint too – peace and quiet and a breath of fresh air!

We promise to do our bit – and you can help by make an even bigger difference by doing some of these simple things…