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Two children on the beach

Be A Shell Artist

Taking a trip to the beach means sun (hopefully!), sea, sand and seashells – which are the protective outer casing of a mollusc or crustacean. A seashell is a delicate, pretty thing which is often found washed up on the shore.

Luckily, they don’t have to go to waste, as you can collect them and turn them into wonderful works of art. You can even make a game out of it – like a desert island treasure hunt. Nothing like a little beach fun while you’re creating a masterpiece!

Try to find as many different types of seashells as you can. They can be large, small, smooth or rough. And they can be all different colours – like cream, brown, speckled and even iridescent pearl.

Then, the real artistry can start. With the sand as your canvas, you can make art using your sea shells, along with seaweed, sticks and other things you find on the beach. You can leave your masterpiece where it is for other people to enjoy before the tide washes it away. Or, you can take your sea shells home, clean them up and glue them to paper or card to create lumpy, bumpy pictures or sculptures. The possibilities are endless!

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