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Build a wormery

Build A Wormery

Love worms? Then make them a home.

  • Grab an old plastic drink bottle and cut the top off. If the edge is sharp, cover with waterproof tape. 
  • Next, layer damp (not dry) soil and sand in alternating sections around 5cm deep. 
  • Toss in odd scraps of food like fruit and veggie peelings, along with dead autumn leaves throughout the soil and sand. Make sure you leave a 5cm space at the top. 
  • Add a few worms to their new home and cover the top of the Wormery with cling film. 
  • Tape it down or use an elastic band to secure it and add a few holes to the top for air. 
  • Cover the outside of the bottle with a black bin liner to keep it dark and warm (just what wriggly worms love). 
  • Hold it in place with tape or elastic bands and remove it later to see how your worms have mixed up the soil and settled into their new home. 

Thanks to The Wildlife Trusts’ Junior Wildlife Watch website for this activity. Download a guide from the Wildlife Watch website.

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