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Charcoal pencils for drawing

Charcoal Pencils

You’ll need an adult to help you with this activity as you’ll need to use flame.

  • First, head outside and find some pencil-sized willow twigs and build a small fire.
  • Then take an old can or a pan with a lid and pierce two holes in the sides. 
  • Peel the willow twigs and cut it to fit into your tin. 
  • Put a lid on it, then put it into the fire. 
  • After two minutes, you’ll start to see smoke come out the holes. 
  • When the smoke stops, remove the tin from the fire and leave it to cool before opening. Inside, you’ll find all natural elder-twig charcoal pencils. 
  • Now you can get started on some fun things to draw and create your masterpiece charcoal drawing on paper, bark or stone.

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