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Two children playing with a pile of autumnal leaves.

Create a Nature Scrapbook for Kids

Creating a nature scrapbook is a great project to set your kids at the start of the weekend or holiday time. And they can add to it whenever they get out to the park, or you go on a walk after a hefty Sunday lunch! Before long, they’ll be desperate to find that elusive leaf or berry to complete their nature collection!


What you need to start scrapbooking for kids:

  • A ring-bound scrapbook of thick paper
  • Crayons
  • Paper
  • Glue stick
  • Pen
  • Disposable or digital camera


How to create a nature scrapbook

Once you’ve got the above materials, it’s really just about letting your kids get creative and fill the pages of their scrapbook with things they see when you’re out and about exploring nature. Here are some ideas to get them started:

  1. Record any interesting leaves you find by placing a piece of paper over them, removing the entire wrapper from a wax crayon, and rubbing it over the paper until a perfect print of the leaf becomes visible. You can also do the same with tree bark.
  2. Fill your nature scrapbook with sketches of the insects you catch each night using a bug catcher (find out how to make one here) – don’t forget to set any bugs free once you’ve done your sketches!
  3. Make a collage out of twigs and flowers. It’s best if you press flowers in between the pages of a book before sticking them into your nature scrapbook as this will help them to last longer.
  4. Try your hand at nature photography, and see if you can snap any local wildlife in action. Local lakes have ducks and fish that will usually pose for a close-up if you take bread along with you! Print your photos and stick them in your scrapbook.
  5. When winter comes around and rainy days have got you stuck indoors, you could find some old magazines, and cut out any pictures you see of animals, birds, trees, flowers, fish, planets, sun, moon, rivers, mountains, oceans, stones, and rocks. Paste them in your own nature scrapbook, label each picture, and make categories for each kind. When the weather improves you can search for these in real-life!

The gluing and colouring side to scrapbooking for kids, as well as the exploring of nature can mean that they may get a bit messy when creating a nature scrapbook, but don’t worry we’ve got plenty of advice on removing a range of different stains in the Solve Your Stain section. We hope you and your family enjoy creating a scrapbook for kids! Next time you go on a walk in search of nature scrapbook inspiration, why not print off one of our nature activity sheets to give your kids even more fun things to do?

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