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Children making a woodland shelter

Creature Comforts

We have lots of comfy things in our homes, like sofas, cushions and beds. But animals need things to sit and lie on too! This calls for a little den building.


So how to build a den with some wild furniture?

Use your imagination. What could you make for an animal using just leaves and twigs?

  • A sleeping bag for a millipede?
  • A chair for a water vole?
  • Or, how about an umbrella to protect an owl from the rain?

All you need are some leaves and thin strong twigs

  1. To stitch your leaves together, overlap the leaves and use your thumbnails to make a hole through both layers.
  2. Now make a second hole near the first one where the leaves are still overlapping.
  3. Push your twig down through the first hole and up through the second.
  4. Your leaves are now stitched together, and you can start making your creature comforts!

Thanks to the RSPB for this activity.

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