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A young boy dabs paint on his sister's face.

Easy Face Painting Ideas for Kids

Step into a world of colour and imagination with face painting. It’s a fun kids activity and great for fancy dress costumes, Halloween, birthday parties, or a rainy day dress-up game. As a parent, mastering these easy face painting techniques is important – you’ve got years of this ahead! And the kids will love the freedom of messy play as well as their new identity – so give it a go!


  1. Using a sponge, cover the face in orange (tiger) or yellow (lion) paint
  2. Sponge white between the nose and the lip, and around and just above the eyes
  3. Paint a black nose at the tip of the nose, and a line connecting the nose to upper lip
  4. Paint the centre ridge of the upper lip black and apply dots on either side like freckles

For tigers

  • Paint black lines radiating from the inner eye up to the forehead and across the cheeks to form stripes

For lions

  • Circle the eyes in black paint


  1. Paint the butterfly body on the bridge of the nose, with antenna extending up to the forehead between the eyebrows
  2. Make multicoloured wings with different coloured paints: two shades extending out around the eyes, and two on the cheeks

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