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A homemade paper crown.

How to Make a Paper Crown

Let imagination reign with paper crown crafts. It creates opportunities for fun activities for kids.

Whether you’re a prince, king, queen or princess, this easy to make paper crown is fit for royalty!

Go wild with decoration – leaves, flowers, glitter, metallic paper and even plastic diamantes!

Then crown yourself, throw a royalty themed party or go on a family day out.


To make:

Use a template or find free templates like this one here.

Then follow these easy steps:

  1. Print and cut out one template per child.
  2. Prepare your ‘crown material’– cardboard or thick paper (an empty cereal box is good), ideally yellow or gold or whatever colour you like.
  3. Lay the template against the crown material, trace and cut it out.
  4. Follow the template instructions.
  5. Measure your child’s head to make sure you have enough material to go around. Remember, always supervise kids when they’re using scissors and be give younger kids a helping hand with cutting out.
  6. Now staple the segments together to create a crown.
  7. Decorate and enjoy playing happily ever after.

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