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Painted rocks

Love your local rocks!

Painted rocks are so much fun and super easy too!


Head out in nature...

  • to your garden,
  • a park,
  • a wood
  • or best of all a beach

...and hunt for a special rock

  • What makes it unusual?
  • Does it have an odd shape?
  • Is it super-shiny or rough and jagged?

Draw on your imagination for some rock painting ideas

Decorate it using poster paints.

If it looks a bit like an animal, you can make a rock pet. Paint tiger stripes, leopard spots, ladybird spots – whatever you like!


Here are some other fun ideas:

  • Paint eyes on two round rocks and carry them around with you to turn things into animals.
  • Collect a few similar-shaped stones and paint them different colours to make a stone rainbow.
  • Paint as many different shades of one colour as you can and make a colour trail.
  • Take a picture, share it with your friends and start a rock zoo!

Thanks to The Wild Network for this easy rock painting activity.

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