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Butterflies on a yellow dish

Make A Butterfly Feeder

This is a great activity for a summer's day when there are lots of butterflies flying about. Ever wondered what butterflies eat?

Create your own butterfly feeding station and find out!

  1. First, find some string, a paper plate and some mushy fruit.
  2. Make four small evenly spaced holes around the rim of your plate.
  3. Then cut four pieces of string, tie a knot in one end of each piece, then thread the other end through a hole.
  4. Now tie those four ends together so your plate looks like an upside-down parachute.
  5. Place the pieces of mushy fruit on the plate – butterflies particularly love mushy banana!

Feeding butterflies is that easy!

Hang your feeder near some flowers and wait for visitors

  • Can you name the different butterflies you see?
  • Can you draw the patterns on their backs?

If you're not sure which butterfly is which, you'll find lots of pictures on Steven Cheshire's British Butterflies website.

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