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Measuring cylinder rain gauge

Make A Rain Gauge

The smell of rain is wonderful. And listening to the way the rain sounds when it falls is good. But making a rain gauge – now that’s fun!

  • Find a little outdoor space like a windowsill or small balcony for this activity. 
  • Then take a large drink bottle and ask an adult to cut the top off (about a quarter to a third). 
  • Use a few stones in the bottle as weights, then take the top you removed and ad tape it to the bottom section to create a funnel. 
  • Put a little water in the bottom of the bottle and mark that as the baseline. 
  • Then, using a ruler, measure out a gauge at the side. Your very own rain gauge. 

Every day that it rains, check to see how much water has gathered in the bottle with your very own, handmade rain gauge. Thanks to the RSPB for this activity.

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