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Children in flower crowns

Make A Wild Crown

Who says you need to be royalty to wear a crown? You can create your own wild crown or flower crown in these easy steps with a little help from nature, glue and string.

  1. Create a base of string or wire, wrapped twice around your head and tie it off at the ends. 
  2. Remove the base and weave long-stemmed leaves and strands. 
  3. Add a flower layer using glue, string or garden tape (be careful not to stick tape or glue to your hair). 
  4. Make your crown as fancy or as colourful as you like and use the flowers and foliage of the season. Daisies are perfect in summer and acorns, pine cones and berries are perfect in autumn and winter. 
  5. You can also try dry leaves and paint them in different colours. And there you have it …a (wild) crown fit for any king, queen, prince or princess.

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