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A mother and son painting features onto a snowman.

How to Make a Good Snowman

Did it just snow? Perfect! Time to head outdoors. Grab your coat, pull on your wellies and follow these...

11 easy steps on how to make a snowman

(and have fun doing it)

  1. Find a flat area to build your snowman – under a shaded tree will help him last longer.
  2. Make a medium sized snowball by gathering and packing together snow from the ground.
  3. Roll the snowball along the ground, gathering more snow until it’s about a foot high.
  4. Place on the flat area and pack extra snow around the base to secure it.
  5. For the body and head, repeat the previous steps to create medium and smaller sized balls.
  6. Stack these snowballs onto the first one.
  7. Flatten the tops and bottoms so that they sit securely on top of one other.
  8. Pack some snow in-between the snowballs, to prevent your snowman from falling apart.
  9. Give your snowman a personality - scrounge around for two similar length twigs for his arms, a carrot for his nose, pebbles for his eyes and mouth (dig into the snow to give him a big smile).
  10. And because its cold, dress him warmly with an old hat, a scarf and some sunglasses.
  11. Finally, snap a few pics of your snowman and head off for more fun playing in the snow.

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