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Illustration depicting rangoli patterns for children.

Rangoli Patterns for Kids

Looking for fun things to draw? Try this Rangoli craft.

Rangoli (or Kolam) is a colourful Indian tradition where decorative designs are drawn outdoors on the floor near the entrance of a home, to welcome visitors or Hindu deities during festivals like Diwali.

But don’t worry, they’re not permanent. Activities for kids like these, are easy.

So, use your imagination and enjoy some messy fun with this Rangoli recipe.

You’ll need:

  • Salt
  • White chalk
  • Ruler
  • Different coloured lentils
  • Flower petals (or coloured sand, glitter or beads)

To start:

  1. Find a Rangoli pattern in books or on the internet. They’re usually geometric so it’s a great learning activity for maths too.
  2. Draw the pattern on paper first to practise.
  3. Then draw on the ground with chalk. Use the ruler and chalk to draw a square grid of dots- 15cm wide by 15cm high.
  4. Put dots up and down the grid at 3cm intervals and draw the design in white chalk on the grid.
  5. Add salt to cover the outlines.
  6. Finally, use your chosen coloured materials to fill in the rest of the design.
  7. Now stand back and admire your Rangoli masterpiece!


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