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Creating a family scrapbook.

How to Make a Family Scrapbook

A family scrapbook album can contain anything you can stick or tape in it, from photos of days out, to ticket stubs from museums and leaves from scavenger hunts you’ve been on.

The kids can add to it any time they like, which works well on rainy autumn afternoons, and even add diary-style entries on the pages to explain certain items.

If you get your scrapbook for the family bound at the end of each year, it’s a great keepsake to have in the future!

How to make a family scrapbook

To get started making a family scrapbook, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to keep all those pages full of essential memories bound together. Here are some family scrapbook ideas to help:

  • Get a binder and decorate it (with help from your little budding artists, of course). The bigger, the better – you’re going to have plenty of things to put in there, after all!
  • Ask your kids to use paint and glue to make family-themed collages on two identical pieces of heavy card. Then you (the adult) can step in for the trickier part: punch two or three holes near the margin. These are your scrapbook covers. When your family creates new pages, punch holes in identical places – then you can bind the whole thing together with string as you go.

5 fun family scrapbook ideas to try

There are plenty of important milestones you can include in your family scrapbook! Here are some pages your kids might have fun creating:

  • My First Word: Remember their first words? Preserve this special memory by asking your kids to create a collage page about them – they can glue in letters to spell out the word, pictures of themselves at that age, plus drawings of whatever the word is. If it was ‘mum’ or ‘dad’, be prepared to supply plenty of photo print outs too!
  • Our Holiday in ___: Trips away often feel all too short. Keep the holiday spirit alive by asking your kids to create collages or diary pages about their adventure.
  • Our Hand Prints: Spend a day making hand print art as a family. If you do it every couple of years, you’ll be able to look back through your family scrapbook and see how quickly the kids have grown!
  • Our Garden/Park: The outdoor spaces your kids play in are going to be the backdrop to some of their best memories. Help them create a tribute with some nature crafts, like leaf printing and stenciling.

An important family scrapbooking tip: it’s a good idea to use copies of family photos in your scrapbook, rather than originals. That means that you’ll always have something to frame, even if someone gets a little carried away with the paint while decorating a page.

We hope you like these scrapbook ideas for family memories! Find inspiration for your next creative family project on our arts and crafts page.

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