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“Mum would have to call us in 10 times for dinner - we’d be having too much fun in the garden.”

- Daniella Jones

Somewhere between a treasure hunt in the backyard and tracking wild beasts through the Serengeti is… our Garden Safari! Kids will love getting muddy searching high and low for the hidden animals in the garden or their local park.

How does it work?

Our Garden Safari kit contains everything you need to get started. With printable animal templates that can be hidden up trees, in bushes or behind plant pots, all the kids need is a list of critters to find and their imagination. If you’re tracking the ‘wildlife’ in your local park, don’t forget to take all your printed animals home with you.

What else could they search for?

Alongside hunting for the hidden animals, you can encourage the kids to make like a real safari guide, tracking the different types of seeds and leaves in every season. Give the activity below a try, and see if they can spot what’s in the garden at this time of year.

  • A floating dandelion seed
  • Blossom on the branch of a tree
  • A buttercup
  • A daisy
  • A thick and tough evergreen leaf
  • A winged seed, with little helicopter propellers
  • An acorn cup
  • Leaves with different autumn colours
  • Two leaves with different shapes
  • A shiny conker
  • A chestnut shell
  • Fallen pine needles
  • A pine cone

Download the pack here (PDF)(365KB)

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