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A girl holding an oil lamp.

Diwali activities for kids

Bring light and colour into your home this Diwali. Also known as the festival of lights, this traditional Hindu festival celebrates the triumph of light over darkness.

Join in the festivities with these crafty and fun activities.

1. DIY candle holder

You’ll need clean, empty jars, glass paints or pens, and a big imagination. Lay down newspaper first. Decorate jars with bright colours, intricate patterns or even glitter, so that when you add the candle, beautiful colours and shapes are cast around the jar.

2. Diwali paper candle

Looking for a flame-free candle that you can use in your bedroom or take to school? This is it! You’ll need clean, empty candle jars, bright multi-coloured tissue paper and PVA glue. Once again, lay down some newspaper first. Glue the tissue paper in patchwork layers onto the glass. Once covered, loosely scrunch some yellow, orange, and red tissue paper and fix it inside the jar. This will give the illusion of a flame.

Top Tip: for a super authentic look, place a battery operated tea light inside the red, orange and yellow tissue paper to give your “flame” a little extra light.

3. Outdoor Rangoli

Rangoli are traditional artworks used to decorate the floors of rooms and entrances. Think bright colour palette! Use a pattern you like or search for one online. Decorate your driveway by mixing white flour and bright food colouring. Or, colour rice or legumes for an interesting look.

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