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A father and daughter looking at nature in the countryside.

Earth Day activities for kids

Earth Day (22 April) is a great opportunity to learn about the environment and do your bit to make a difference. By exploring it, you’ll have loads of fun with outdoor play and activities.

Water pollution game

This will get messy, but mess is all part of the fun.

  • Take a tub of clean water and pollute it with coffee grounds or vegetable peelings and vegetable oil to mimic oil spills.
  • With tongs, a strainer, and some cloths, undo the pollution. 
  • When it’s as clean as it can be, you’ll still be able to see traces of “pollution” in the water – you’ll learn how difficult it is to undo water pollution once it’s happens.

Other Earth Day activities for kids

  • Recycle – reuse objects at home for craft projects
  • Learn about endangered species like tigers, elephants and dolphins. Or get outdoors, into nature and see if you can spot some of the rarer creatures found in the UK. Visit a nature or RSPB reserve – or, set up your own bird café with homemade bird food

Now teach your parents how to save some green with these easy tips:

  • Washing at a lower temperature like 30 degrees saves energy – and money
  • Always wash when you a full load. Fewer washes means less energy used – and they’ll spend less time hanging out washing (and more time playing outdoors with you)

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