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A homemade Christmas card.

Easy Christmas crafts for kids

You’re meant to deck the halls with boughs of holly at Christmas, right? Well, what about decking your hall with lolly sticks this year?

Yes… wooden lolly sticks! They’re the main craft material used in these easy Christmas crafts for kids that are great to decorate your home with during the festive season.


Get creative this Christmas

All you’ll need to make these fun Christmas crafts for children is: wooden lolly sticks, glue, string, pipe cleaners, sequins, ribbon, coloured paper, and any other craft materials you’d like to decorate your crafts with.

Cover surfaces with old newspaper or a wipe clean table cloth and you and the kids are ready to get creative with our Christmas craft ideas for children! Remember all kid’s craft activities should be supervised by an adult, but you should keep an especially close eye on your little ones when using craft materials like scissors or glue.


Easy Christmas crafts for kids

These crafts are super simple to create, you don’t need many craft supplies, and you can make as many as you like to hang on the Christmas tree or around your home! Here’s how:

Christmas tree decoration

  1. Glue three green wooden lolly sticks together to form a triangle shape (if you don’t have green lolly sticks, then you can paint them). You can use PVA glue to do this, but you may want to try super glue for a stronger hold. If stains happen, check out our article on removing super glue stains on clothes for handy tips
  2. Cut a piece of string and tie around the top of the tree to form a loop so that your decoration can hang up
  3. Then, wrap a pipe cleaner around the triangle diagonally, this will be the tinsel on your tree
  4. Add sequins for baubles and cut a star out of coloured paper to glue to the top
  5. Cut a tree trunk out of some brown paper and glue to the bottom of the triangle – your Christmas tree decoration is now complete!

Present decoration

  1. Glue four wooden lolly sticks together to create a square
  2. As above, cut and tie a piece of string to create a loop for your decoration to hang from
  3. Cut a pipe cleaner into two pieces of the same length and stick one horizontally across the middle of the square and the other vertically
  4. Tie a bow out of some ribbon and glue to the top of the present. Ta-da!

Snowflake decoration

  1. Paint three lolly sticks white. Once dry, stick the lolly sticks on top of each other to form a snowflake shape
  2. As before, create a loop to hang your decoration up with and tie this around the middle of your snowflake or stick to one of the points
  3. To finish, decorate with sequins, glitter, and stars.


More Christmas craft ideas for kids

Here’s two more Christmas crafts you can try, but be prepared, these could get a little messy  so don’t forget to check out our tips on paint stain removal to help banish any stains on clothes from messy hands!

Finger paint Christmas lights

This Christmas craft is great for toddlers as it’s simple to do yet produces a magical final effect.

  1. Grab a plain piece of paper and use a black marker to draw a swirly, looping line across the page – this will be the wire for your Christmas lights
  2. Gather paints in small pots, and let your kids get stuck in covering their fingers with different colours
  3. Then, by simply pressing down their paint covered fingers they can add ‘lights’ next to the wire drawn on the paper. Be sure to use lots of bright colours!


Make a holly wreath with your scrubbing brush

This Christmas craft for kids makes use of a simple, kitchen tool and is quick and easy to do. Before you begin, make sure you have a clean scrubbing brush to hand.

  1. Lay out a piece of white paper and some green and red paint
  2. Get your child to dip the scrubbing brush into the green paint, and then press the scrubbing brush down on the paper, moving it around the page to create the circular outline of a wreath
  3. Finally, get your kids to dip their fingers in the red paint and add some berries to the top of their wreath.

We hope you enjoyed making these Christmas crafts with your kids! For more Christmas craft ideas for kids, check out the Kids’ Activities section, where you can find a an easy to cut out and decorate snowflake template and a guide to how to make a snow globe.

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