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Gold fireworks.

Guy Fawkes for Kids: Activities & Crafts

Light up Guy Fawkes Night with these crafts and other fun activities for kids. But don’t just keep the fun to yourself – get your parents involved too!

Host a quiz

  • Learn some facts about Guy Fawkes and create your own quiz – then challenge your friends and parents.      

Bonfire night baking

  • Whip up some firework treats – dunk the end of a chocolate finger biscuit into melted white chocolate, dip into colourful sprinkles and make a fun (and tasty!) edible firework.
  • Or top chocolate cupcakes with orange icing and place chocolate sticks onto the icing to form a pyramid shape.

Enjoy outdoors while watching the fireworks.      

Safety Inspector

Who wants to be a ‘bonfire night safety inspector’? It’s a great role with great responsibility – like learning and sharing about firework safety –not keeping fireworks in pockets and keeping pets safely indoors. Click here for a simple guide on firework safety that you can share.

Get crafting

Think out the box with these kids crafts:

  1. Poster: Get creative with crayons, chalks, pens, or paints and find fun things to draw like firework scenes in a night sky.
  2. DIY safe sparkler: Make your own pretend ‘sparklers’ with tin foil, glue, glitter, sequins or sparkly stick-on gems from a craft shop. Rip the foil into long strips, glue them together about one third of the way up, and allow the longer lengths to cascade down – a bit droopy flowers.
  3. Glue to the tips of the foil, sprinkle with glitter, sequins, or gems for a dazzling finish and enjoy!

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