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Pair of boys in fancy dress proudly showing off the pumpkins they have created for Halloween.

Halloween Face Painting Ideas for Kids

The creepiest night of the year calls for frighteningly easy face painting tricks. Just add a few accessories, and Fester's your uncle!  

For this fun activity, you’ll need: face sponges, brushes, safe, non-toxic face paints; stick on glitter and accessories and a big imagination!

Scary skull:

  1. Using a sponge or a large bristled brush, cover the face with a coat of white paint.
  2. Next, using a smaller brush and black paint, add eye sockets and a triangular nose.
  3. Then, get your child to close their mouth and paint a row of vertical lines over the lips to look like a stitched mouth.
  4. Finish the look by filling in the lips with black paint.


  1. Using a thin brush, carefully paint the outline of a bat around your child’s eyes. The wings should start at the top of the forehead and finish on the cheeks. The nose will be the bat’s body with the head at the top – don’t forget to add ears!
  2. Then, simply fill in the bat outline with your chosen colour and add glitter jazz things up.

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