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A homemade Christmas card.

Make Your Own Christmas Cards This Christmas

Instead of buying a box of cards at your local supermarket or department store, try something more personal and memorable with your own homemade Christmas cards! Making Christmas cards can be a fun and creative activity for the family, encouraging your kids to be artistic and resulting in delightful cards that everyone will be sure to remember.

Don’t worry about any glue, paint, or glitter stains – Persil has lots of stain removal tips, so you can focus on getting messy and having fun with your kids. Just have a look at our Christmas card making ideas and let your family’s imagination run wild.  


Christmas Card Making: Basic Supplies

Here’s a list of basic supplies you’ll need to get started – many “trimmings” and decorations can already be found among the odds and ends in your house. Get creative with what you can re-use to decorate your cards!

  • Blank Greeting Cards, Card stock or Construction Paper – This is an essential, as you’ll need something to draw or write on! Many craft shops sell blank greeting cards, or for a more DIY approach, a sheet of A4 card stock or construction paper can be folded over to create a A5-sized greeting card, with room for a message inside.
  • Envelopes – Blank greeting cards will come with their own envelopes. Otherwise, you can buy matching envelopes for your homemade cards. C5 envelopes will hold an A5-sized card (or an A4 sheet folded in half).
  • Pens, pencils, markers, crayons, or coloured pencils – You’ll need these to write your greetings with. Markers, crayons, or coloured pencils can be used make an attractive, colourful design for the front, while longer messages can be written in pen or pencil on the inside of the card.
  • Non-toxic Glue or Paste – You’ll need this to fix any of your trimmings to your card, so your homemade Christmas greetings can really stand out.
  • Trimmings – Anything pretty and attractive can be used here. Scraps of wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, fabric, tinsel, buttons, leaves, sticks, pebbles, dried flowers, glitter, beads, bottle caps… the list is endless! See our suggestions below for a range of Christmas cards to make using different trimmings.  


Christmas Card Ideas

So now that you have the basic supplies, how can you make Christmas cards personal, memorable, and homey? Try any of these ideas below.

  • The Natural Look – Leaves, sticks, pebbles, dried flowers, sprigs of evergreen – these are all free trimmings that you and your kids can collect on a walk outdoors. A nature walk is a brilliant way to teach your child about all the different plants and trees that grow in places like woods, parks, and meadows. Click here for fun activities to include in your nature walk. With the natural materials that you collect you can create all kind of designs, for example: glue a sprig of evergreen onto your card to create a Christmas tree, or a single leaf of holly, embellished with paint or glitter, can make a striking card.
  • Handprints – A sweet, homemade card can be made with handprints from non-toxic paints. Your kids can choose their favourite colour, make a handprint or two on the card, and sign it with their name. Grandparents will be sure to love these cards!
  • Paints - If your kids don’t want to go freestyle with their painting, many craft stores sell sponges cut into the shapes of animals, stars, Christmas trees, and so on. Dip these sponges into paint and press onto the cards for a charming homemade look. Or take a festive cookie-cutter, hold it against the card, and paint outside the shape for an unusual approach. Just remember to wash the cookie-cutter afterward! Also, be sure to look up our stain removal tips for different kinds of paint, and to have small & mighty on hand to help.
  • The Dazzling Look – There’s nothing that says Christmas like a bit of glitter! Glitter, sequins, beads, glue-on diamantes, even a bit of tinsel from the tree - your kids can experiment with them, creating stars in a hand-painted sky, or decorations on a hand-drawn tree. Even one or two of these glittery bits will add a special touch to each card.
  • The Tailored Look – Glue on scraps of cloth, buttons, pom-poms, bow-ties, ribbons, beads, and thread to create a unique homemade card. Cut a Christmas tree out of cloth, or draw a snowman with real buttons and real fabric for his scarf.
  • The Gift-Wrapped Look – Here’s a great way to use up any scraps of gift-wrap trimmings. Glue on stars cut out of different kinds of gift-wrap, or add a few strands of curling ribbon to give your homemade card some flair.
  • A Family Photo Collage – Print out a digital photo of the family, and use it in a collage on the front of the greeting card. Your kids can also glue on images cut out from magazines or newspapers, bits of gift-wrap, and any of the above supplies to create a picture of what the family’s been up to this year.   These ideas are just a start – as you can see, there’s no end to the possibilities for making your own Christmas cards. So get your family’s artistic imaginations fired up, and you’ll be sending off Christmas greetings homemade with style and unforgettable charm!  

Have your kids made their own Christmas cards before? Do you have any tips that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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