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A homemade Mother's Day card.

Mother's Day Cards for Kids to Make

Surprise the loved ones in your life with thoughtful and beautiful handmade Mother’s Day cards. Everyone loves receiving cards, so whoever they are it's sure to be a top hit!

Remember to get an adult to supervise this fun kids craft.


You’ll need:

  • Card
  • Glue
  • Washable non-toxic paints
  • Disposable containers for paints

To make:

  1. Fold two sheets of A4 card in half
  2. Open up the pieces of card and glue one half of one of the sheets on top of one half of the other sheet so they overlap. They should now open out as a three page spread.
  3. Cover surfaces and pour paints into containers
  4. Place your palms in paint, covering well. Then place hands on the outside of the card and push down firmly leaving a good handprint behind. Wash your hands well afterwards.
  5. When the paint has dried, draw a picture of yourself on the middle page. Draw extra-long arms that join up with each hand to create the ‘hug’.
  6. Add a special message at the top of the card like ‘I love you Mummy’ – then sign your name and seal it with a big kiss.
  7. Fold the card up so the outer pages cover the middle and when Mum or Grandma opens it, she be welcomed with a big hug from her favourite person – you!


More Mother’s Day card ideas:

  1. Create a flower using your handprint as the flower head
  2. Add a stem and leaves, paint them green and you’re done!

For other fun things to draw, overlap two handprints to create a heart shape then paint in red or pink paint.

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