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A mother reading to her daughter from a book.

Shakespeare Day activities for kids to bring out their inner dramatist

Audience, please take your seats! Celebrate the greatest-ever poet and playwright, William Shakespeare’s birthday, with these fun activities for kids.

1. Read out loud

Pick up a children’s collection of Shakespeare stories and in your most theatrical voice, read out loud to friends and family.

2. Try puppet theatre

Use a Shakespearean play as inspiration and make your own puppets and puppet theatre for this activity. Sock puppets are perfect and the theatre can be made from cardboard and paint.

3. Write a story, play, or poem

Got a million stories to tell? Write it down as a short story, play, or poem. Let your imagination run wild.

4. Try a treasure hunt

Gather some William Shakespeare facts, print and cut out each fact, or write them down on small individual pieces of paper. Hide each fact next to an object in your house or garden that’s name corresponds to a letter from William Shakespeare’s name – hint: ‘ice’ is good for the letter ‘I’.

Create clues by writing the first letter of each object’s name on a piece of paper and give them to your siblings, parents or friends. Then let the treasure hunt begin! Once they’ve found all the facts, get them to work out what the lettered clues spell when put together. The first person to work it out, gets to pick a story to read together.

Remember – all kids’ activities need adult supervision. Always supervise your kids when using craft materials like scissors or glue, and read all instructions before starting a craft or game.

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