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Two boys and a girl sitting cross-legged in a garden blowing bubbles.

Summer solstice activities for kids

Want to know what Summer Solstice is? Here’s a fun geography fact. The earth circles around the sun and once a year and our part of the world (Northern Hemisphere) gets closest to it. This means we get the most sunlight, making Summer Solstice the longest day of the year. Different parts of the world are tilted towards the sun during different months so countries like Australia in the Southern Hemisphere will celebrate summer solstice in their summer which is in December.

Now with so much sun, you’ll want to spend the day outdoors. Turn it into an adventure with these fun crafts and activities for kids! Remember to ask an adult to supervise with these kids crafts.

  • Visit a historic monument like Stonehenge to watch the sunrise – then enjoy a lovely family picnic.
  • Throw a summer solstice party. Deck your garden out with sun themed decorations and a summer lunch. Don’t forget the fun family games!
  • Dance around a maypole. Turn Swede for a day and set up your own maypole outdoors by using a tree or the washing line pole. Decorate it with ribbon, tissue paper, and flowers.
  • Create a flower crown. Wrap a plain Alice band in different coloured ribbon, leaving the edges loose to flutter in the wind. Then glue on natural or fake flowers and leaves.

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