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Paint a Picture Of The Sun

Paint a Picture Of The Sun On Solstice

Do you know what Summer Solstice is? Here’s a fun geography fact. The earth circles around the sun and once a year, our part of the world gets closest to it. This means we get the most sunlight, making Summer Solstice the longest day of the year.


And with so much sun, you’ll want to spend the day outdoors.


Why not make it an adventure by painting the sun?

  • Pack some paint - the brighter the colours, the better.
  • Take a sketch pad, brushes and a mixing bowl or two.
  • With a hat and some sunscreen, you’re all set for your summer solstice celebration in the park.


What does the sun look like to you?

Bright yellow? Vivid orange? A big splash of pink in the sky? Try mixing your colours together to paint your perfect sun. It’s all part of the fun.

And remember, it’s the longest day of the year so you have loads of time!

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