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Rainbow Battle

Rainbow Battle

Only one thing comes close to the thrill of ripping the wrapping off your birthday presents.
 And that’s your birthday party!

No party is complete without fun some fun games

The brighter and messier, the better!

Rainbow Battle is one of them - It’s like paint ball and you and your friends will be having fun outdoors for hours. It’s a great way to learn about teamwork too.

Let the party games begin…

  • Give each of your friends a white T-shirt to wear.
  • Then divide them into two teams.
  • Fill each of your friends’ water guns with a mixture of washable paint and water.
  • Each team can choose their own colour and each of your friends will get their own water gun.
  • The aim is to get the opposing team out by shooting them in the back, on the chest or in the stomach (play nice and don’t aim for their heads).
  • The team with the last player left undefeated, wins!

Party games for kids don’t get better than this! To thank your friends, let them take home their colourful new T-shirts as a souvenir of your amazing birthday party.

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