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A child playing at the beach.

7 irresistibly-fun beach games for kids

It’s summer time, and the living is easy – especially if you’re headed to the beach! Of course, once you’re there, you’re there for the whole day, so it’s always a good idea to plan a few fun beach games for the kids ahead of time. A little short on ideas? Not to worry: our beach games quiz is here to help you and your family find the perfect way to spend the day. 

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Take the beach games quiz

So, you’re packing. What do you grab?



Sounds like you’re looking for some Frisbee games to play on the beach. So, how’s the water?



Excellent – let’s find you some beach games to play with that ball. How are you feeling today?



Classic. Feel like doing something creative with your bucket and spade?



Not to worry! What sort of beach is it?



Brr! Okay, so no water-based kids’ beach games allowed. How many players are there?




Our top 7 beach games for kids





Play Frisbee water racing!

This exciting game of skill challenges each member of the family to find the perfect balance between speed and, well, balance. Players race to the sea to fill their Frisbee with water and then race back, trying to get to the finish line without spilling a drop. If you only have one Frisbee, take it in turns to race against the clock. Whoever makes the best time wins! Not for you? Start again.



Get ready for some Frisbee bowling

A great way to bring two popular kids’ beach games together. You can play this with a lightweight plastic beach bowling set if you have one, or empty plastic bottles if you don’t. Set the pins or bottles up just as you would for regular bowling and take turns trying to knock them over – with the Frisbee! If you’re using plastic bottles, remember to tidy them up at the end of the day. You can even recycle them into bird feeders

Not your thing? Start again.



It’s the perfect day for Frisbee keep-away

This one of the best games to play on the beach if you have more than four players. Split the group into two teams, and have one team start off passing the Frisbee back and forth, trying to keep it away from the members of the opposing team. If a member of the other team manages to grab the Frisbee, it’s that team’s turn to start passing it around – so the game begins again. Ready to try something else? Start the quiz again.



Time to dig and build with sand

Sandcastle building is one of the most popular beach games for kids, but why stop there? Unleash your little ones on a sandy landscape and see what they can do. You might end up with a “snowman” that doesn’t melt in the sun, a whole miniature civilisation constructed in sand … or you could always try this.



Try bowling on the beach

If you have a plastic bowling set, that’s great, but empty plastic bottles make good pins too: just fill them with a little seawater if you need to weigh them down. Arrange your pins or bottles in the shape of a triangle and take turns trying to knock them over with your ball. Remember to keep score, and treat the winner to an ice cream later on! All bowled out? Start again.



Get ready for some classic beach volleyball 

As far as beach games are concerned, this one needs no introduction. Traditionally beach volleyball is played on a court, but you don’t need a volleyball net or posts. Just mark out a large rectangular area to play in, divide it in two and separate yourselves into two teams. Make sure that each team has a roughly equal ratio of children to adults to keep the game fair. Not your kind of beach game? Start again.



Draw a giant game of tic-tac-toe

This is one of the simplest games to play with kids at the beach: no equipment required. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Let the kids find their counters. They’ll need six shells or pebbles that are roughly the same size and colour – but each team will need distinct counters, so encourage them to seek out unusual ones!
  2. Use a stick or your hands to dig out a 3x3 grid in the sand. If you’re in the mood for a challenge, you can make the grid bigger.
  3. Get playing! Take it in turns to place a counter down. The first player to get three counters in a row wins.

Finished playing? Start the quiz again.



Maybe just bury dad, then.

Or any other willing family member. Cover their legs with sand and (if you’re feeling ambitious) sculpt it into octopus tentacles. Not for you? Start again.

These are all great games to play with kids at the beach, but if nothing quite strikes your fancy, we’ve got plenty more inspiration here. As long as you have sun, sand, and surf, the possibilities are endless! 


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