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A young boy having his face painted.

Create A Funny Animal

How big and wild is your imagination? What’s the funniest animal you can think of?

  1. Imagine and draw it.
  2. Then give it a name e.g. the Lesser Spotted Armadillo Whale, or The Squatting Sea Spider.
  3. Next decide where your animal lives. Underground? Under the sea? In a forest, jungle or desert? Or perhaps in Manchester?
  4. How does it sleep? Upside down, in trees, in a cave, in a warren or in your shed?
  5. What does your animal eat? Grass, ants, jellybeans, carrots (if it’s ‘people’, get ready to run)?
  6. Does your animal make a funny sound?

Ok, now describe your funny animal to a friend or family member, talking about all the above and giving as much detail as possible. Go wild!

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