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child looking through binoculars


Bird watching is a fun activity for kids and adults too. There are all kinds of birds to see out in the wild. They’re everywhere. In trees, picking seeds off grass or up in their bird nests.

Next time you’re out and about in nature stop, listen and try to spot one. Just follow the sound of the bird song.

Once you find a bird, pay close attention to how it moves. You can even try and imitate it. Notice how different birds move in their own way. Then, see how close you can get to have a closer look before they fly away. You’ll have to be silent, statue-like, stealthy and move super slow if you want to creep up on them.

Next, try talking to them using the sounds you learned to talk like a bird (hyperlink to bird talk activity). Lots of bird spotters also keep a diary of all the birds they have seen and where they saw them, and you should try to do the same.

Try snapping the birds you find with a camera and write down where you found them. Then you can identify each one and share your photos with other bird lovers.

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