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Different shades of blue.

A Colour Exploration Of Shades Of Blue & Grey

Kids activities couldn’t get more fun than this on a rainy day!

That’s the perfect time to put on a raincoat, pull up your wellies and head outdoors to enjoy a natural shower!

Once you're outside splashing in the rain, try to spot any animals or insects that you don't normally see when the sun is out.

Now look closely at the trees and explore shades of green

Did you know that some leaves are made so that the rain glides off right off them? See what you can discover around your home that looks different in the rain.

Notice shades of blue and the natural colour palettes of the world around you

What blue things can you find? Take a moment to sniff the air. That pleasant, earthy smell you get when it rains, is called petrichor. Take a deep breath through your nose. What does the world smell like today?

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