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A homemade red paper lantern.

A Colour Exploration of Shades of Red & Pink

Colour Palettes

Nature has every colour you can imagine. Exploring the reds and pinks is so much fun! It’s a great way to learn about colours, seasons and cultures. So, go outdoors, find colours with your family enjoy the fun of discovery. Remember to take a sketchbook or camera with you and take a pic.

Now it’s time to explore reds and pinks…

In nature, many creatures and insects have red colouring, from spiders to crabs and frogs. How many shades of red creatures can you find? Can you spot the deep dark red of the seven-spot ladybird?

Red can be spotted in cities too. It’s a colour of prosperity and festivity in many cultures. What festivals do you think red is used in? How does the colour red make you feel and why. Now look at fruit. Strawberries, cherries, raspberries and the inside of a grapefruit, are all fantastic pink and red things.

Draw a cherry tree – it’s an easy and fun thing to draw using finger printing. Draw the shape of a tree with branches on paper, mix a shade of red paint and paint round cherries on the branches. Then use green for the leaves.

Go on a flower hunt. Pick and press red flowers. Record your findings in a nature scrapbook – store your cherry tree painting, pressed red flowers and photographs of the animals and insects you have found on your expedition.

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