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A yellow chrysanthemum.

A Colour Exploration Of Shades Of Yellow

The world is filled with natural colour like different shades of yellow. For a fun activity, head outdoors and explore all things yellow in nature. Here’s where you can start looking:

At the market:

Rich, deep yellows are found in food spices at local markets or shops – look for turmeric or browny-yellow mustard seeds. For fun kids activities, use these in arts and crafts.

To make fragrant yellow water colour paint, mix your chosen spice in water and learn colours by creating different shades of yellow - the less water you use, the stronger the colour.

In the landscape:

Talk a walk in nature. Look out for the dry, sandy gold of wheat fields. If you live in a hot country, try spotting different shades of yellow in dry grasses.

In a cup of tea:

Learning about colours is so much fun with a cup of tea. Herbal, fruity or black, all tea has a yellowy hue. Make different types of tea like Chamomile.

The longer the tea is brewed, the colours become richer. Remember to always have an adult around when using hot water.

In the garden or park:

Some flowers have bright yellow petals. Find them and explore why they are yellow. Is it because they need to attract bees or ‘do you think that some dry grasses are yellow because they get too much sun? Remember to record your findings in a nature scrapbook.

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