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child playing in the woods

Eagle eyes

This is a great game for family days out, or holiday fun and works best in a woodland or park. It’s also perfect for all ages.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Create a nest which will be your base point. The eagle will stay at the nest and the mice – everyone else – have to make it out of hiding to the nest without being seen by the eagle.
  2. To begin, the eagle shouts, ‘Eagle eyes are closing for 30 seconds". The mice go and hide.
  3. Then the eagle shouts, "Eagle eyes are opening for 30 seconds" and then scans the park for the mice. If the eagle can see the mice, they are out and must return to the nest.
  4. When the eagle closes it eyes again, the mice must move. The eagle wins if it catches all the mice before they make it to the nest.
  5. The mice who make it to the nest without being spotted, wins.
  6. Take turns as the eagle and vary the eye opening times to make it harder or easier.

Thanks to Sawday's Canopy & Stars for this activity.

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