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A boy filling plant pots with soil.

Garden Ideas for Kids

Gardening with children is a fun and rewarding activity for you and your little ones! You will see your kids learn about and experience nature, and they will get to have fun getting messy with soil, plants, and flowers. What better way to spend a summer day in both sunny and rainy weather?

Gardening is a healthy way for little ones to get messy and learn more about the natural world.

Make the most of a day outdoors by exploring the following easy gardening ideas with your kids – you can really enjoy the moment, knowing that Persil small & mighty is ready to tackle any grass stains when you get back into the house.  

Muddy garden ideas for kids

If you are thinking of garden ideas for kids, try to keep it simple.  Activities don’t need to be complicated. For a child, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as putting on a pair of wellies and squelching around in mud. If the soil outside is too dry, fill a jug full of water and pour it over the soil until it’s suitably squishy, then try some of these messy games:

  • Forget the seaside and use a small bucket and spade to make mud castles, or even mud pies! Just let your kids line an aluminium tray with mud and make a 'filling' out of grass, pebbles or weeds.
  • Unleash your children’s creativity by helping them to paint a muddy masterpiece – fingers, sticks, or even a spatula make surprisingly good brushes.
  • Build a bird’s nest: Use a standard seed tray and fill it with gooey mud, twigs and grass. Kids can learn about how birds like swallows and house martins use mud to repair their nests at the same time.

When it comes to muddy garden ideas for kids, it’s important to stay safe too – do not use soil that may have been contaminated by animals, keep muddy hands away from small mouths, and avoid potting mix as it can contain potentially harmful bacteria. Obviously, mud pies are not for eating! 

Sunflowers are the perfect introduction to gardening for kids

Growing sunflowers is a fun, easy, and extremely satisfying kids’ gardening activity. Sunflowers love the warmer weather; so get planting in the spring or the early summer. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Place two or three sunflower seeds between two pieces of damp paper towel to help them sprout. Keep the towel damp (you can place it on top of a plate or in a bowl), and you should see the seeds begin to sprout in a few days.
  2. Find a sun-facing patch in the garden, dig a 30cm hole, and plant the seeds.
  3. Water the seeds.

After a week you should start to see the flowers sprouting. Carry on watering as necessary and see whose sunflower grows the tallest! The beauty of this activity is that your kids will experience first hand how nature comes to life and grows. Encourage them to follow the growth of their sunflower, perhaps by keeping a photo-diary.  

Gardening for kids can help with healthy eating!

Gardening for children is all about learning about the natural world, getting grubby and, above all, having fun. But it can also help you with that age-old parenting dilemma: getting kids to eat more vegetables.

Gardening is a great way of teaching little ones about where the healthy stuff on their plate comes from, and getting them to tuck in­ – there’s something very satisfying about growing and then eating your own vegetables. Carrots are simple to grow and children will love mucking in. Here’s how:

  1. Find a sunny patch of garden, loosen up some soil to make a bed, and mix it with compost.  Rake over the soil and then make grooves in it using a pencil.
  2. Mix the seeds with sand and sprinkle them along the grooves. Water liberally, being careful not to wash away the soil.
  3. Gently press each row with a flat board to increase the contact between the seeds and the soil.
  4. Remember to water your carrots every day to make sure they grow up big and tasty!
  5. Once the carrots are about 2 cm across at the top, it’s time to pick them!

What do your kids most enjoy doing in the garden? Do you have any other fun, messy garden ideas for children?  We’d love to hear them: let us know your kids’ garden ideas in the comment box below!  

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