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A young girl digging in the garden.

Gardening Activities For Children

Spring and summer are perfect for heading outdoors and starting a kids garden, even if you live in the city.

These gardening ideas don’t need big spaces – in fact you can grow your own potatoes in a large container. Imagine having homemade chips with homegrown potatoes…yum!

For a container, use an old baby bath, a plastic or hessian shopping bag, a bucket, an old sink, or an aquarium. Drain holes in the bottom so water can drain properly without rotting the roots.

Now you’ll need:

  • Seed potatoes from a garden store 
  • An egg box
  • Soil

Before planting, let your seed potatoes sprout a bit, so that they produce lots of lovely vegetables for you to harvest when the time is right. This process is called chitting. 

You should:

  • Choose seed potatoes with the most ‘eyes’ and place them ‘face up’ in the egg box
  • Wait until potatoes start growing leaves.
  • Pot-up the potatoes, by placing them at the bottom of your container and then cover them with soil. 
  • Place container in a sunny spot so your potatoes will get enough light to grow. Your potatoes will be ready to pick once they’ve flowered, and the plants start to wither. 


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