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Grow Your Own Sunflowers

Grow Your Own Sunflowers

Don’t have a garden? No problem – a balcony will do.

Sunflowers love the warmer weather, so get planting in the spring or early summer.

  1. Put two or three sunflower seeds between two pieces of damp paper towel to help them sprout.
  2. Place it on top of a plate or in a bowl and you should see the seeds begin to sprout in a few days.
  3. Find the warmest sun-facing patch in the garden, dig a 30cm hole, and plant then water the seeds. You’ll need a large pot if you’re using a balcony.
  4. After a week you’ll start to see the flowers sprouting. Continue to water as needed and see whose sunflower grows the tallest!

Follow the growth of your sunflower by keeping a photo-diary.

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