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A boy and girl riding their bicycles in the park.

How to teach a child to ride a bike

Want the freedom and independence to enjoy the great outdoors? Learning to ride a bike is the answer. And it’s a lot easier than you think!


So, let’s start

Ask your parents to get you a helmet before you begin. Find a quiet space away from any roads.

Step 1: Confidence – it's scary, but be brave

With your parents' help, you’ll get the hang of it, in no time. Get used to the brakes by walking alongside the bike and squeezing the brakes as you go.


Step 2: Balance – remove the pedals

(Sounds crazy but it’s a great way to learn balance). Try pushing off and lifting your feet in the air. Ask for a steadying hand from your parents in case you get the wobbles!


Step 3: Control – replace the pedals

Practice the cycling motion with your legs while steering the bike. A parent’s hand on your shoulder will help you focus on controlling the bike.


Step 4: Ride – the best part!

Remember, falls will happen. So will grazed knees. But just think of all the fun riding a bike will bring.

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