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children playing in foliage

Journey sticks

Have you ever heard of a nature bracelet or journey stick? Well they're a really fun and a creative way to take a little bit of nature back home with you after being outdoors, rather than just the mud on the bottom of your shoes. Why don’t you try it next time you’re out and about on a nature walk? Now, all you need to know is how to make one. 

It’s easy: 

  1. Find some masking tape (and a stick if you’re making a journey stick). 
  2. Wrap the tape around your wrist – sticky side out. Or use glue or double-sided tape to attach it to your stick. 
  3. Then head out into the great outdoors (like your garden or a park) and look around for natural things to stick on. By the time you come home you’ll have all kinds of natural treasures like leaves, twigs, flowers and seeds to decorate your bracelet or stick. You could make a flower bracelet with just one colour or with lots of different coloured pieces. Just try to cover every part of the sticky tape with something natural. 

Thanks to Growing Families' Catherine Hughes for telling us about this great nature craft.

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