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A child digging up dirt in a garden.

How To Make Mud Pies

Luckily, mud is one craft material you’ll never have to go too far to find! For this activity, just make sure you don’t use mud that’s been contaminated by animals.

  1. Line a metal tray with a layer of the thick mud
  2. Push the mud into the tray and around the edge with your fingertips
  3. Now go in search for pie filling such as pebbles, shells, sticks and pile them into your pie!
  4. Add some leaves for extra ‘tastiness!’
  5. Now pour some water onto your mud to make it runny and then drizzle it through your hand onto the top of your pie
  6. You can make strips or wriggles or if you like you can completely cover the filling.

Serve your delicious muddy pies to your friends and family!

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