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Two children exploring nature with a magnifying glass.

Nature For Kids Down by the Water

Spring has sprung. The sun’s out, the sky’s blue and nature is inviting. Which means it’s the perfect time to go splashing down by the water.

Each waterway is its own unique collection of plants, animals and insects all living together - a bit like one big happy family!

So, grab your hat, wellies and some sunscreen and let the adventure begin

  • Start on the surface; you’ll often find ducks swimming about on ponds and small lakes. Look at the way they glide so easily across the water.
  • Don’t forget, there’s so much life to discover below the surface. Jam jars are really cool for scooping up pond water. Hold the water up to the light and you’ll discover some of nature’s tiniest creatures. Chances are you may even meet little water skaters and dragonflies!
  • Then there’s the friendly frogs. Follow their lifecycle from when they lay their frogspawn in February and March until they grow into tadpoles and eventually become baby frogs. Look carefully, these slippery creatures love hiding in ponds and ditches.
  • If you have a bird book, take that along too and see who can spot the most birds in one day!

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