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children playing in leaves

Nature treasure hunt

Did you know that parks, woodlands and leafy spaces are full of hidden treasures? Tree leaf identification is fun. All you have to do is look a little harder to spot them. We’ve teamed up with our friends at the Woodland Trust to bring you a scavenger’s hunt you can play throughout the seasons.

Just remember, some of the treasures on the list can only be found at certain times of the year. How many can you find and collect?

  • Tough or shiny evergreen leaves
  • Two different types of winged seed that helicopter down to the ground as they fall
  • A lobed leaf (like an oak leaf) 
  • An acorn in its cup 
  • Fallen pine needles 
  • A parachute seed (like the fluffy bits on a dandelion)
  • Trees with red leaves
  • A shiny conker
  • A leaf with teeth or zigzags (like a holly bush leaf)
  • A pine cone (thick woody scales)
  • A fir cone (thinner more flexible scales)
  • The sound of the wind in the treetops (record it on your phone or remember it)
  • A fallen twig covered in moss or lichen
  • A star-shaped leaf
  • Autumn leaves in different colours or shades
  • Trees with red leaves
  • A prickly sweet chestnut shell, opened to show the furry lining
  • The sound of an animal rustling in the leaves or grass

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