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Nest Challenge

Nest Challenge

Spring is when lots of birds build their nests ready for laying eggs and bringing up their chicks. But can you build a nest that could keep a clutch of eggs safe? It’s time to challenge yourself.

  1. First, look for things on the ground that you could build your nest with, like twigs, sticks and long, dry grass. 
  2. Now find a low fork in a tree, where two branches meet. That's where you'll be building your nest. 
  3. If you want an extra challenge, try using just one hand – birds can only use their beaks after all! If you're with a friend, you could use one hand each and work together.
  4. When you've finished, look for a few small pebbles, cones or other things that could be your eggs. 
  5. Put them in your nest – will it hold them? With your eggs still in the nest, give the branch a shake to see if your nest stands up to the wind. 
  6. Take pics of your nest and share them with your friends. 

Thanks to the RSPB for this activity.

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