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children playing on the beach

The Outdoor Observation Game

Trees are trees, right? But what else makes them, and other parts of nature so wonderful?

It’s time to grab a picnic blanket, a pen and paper, and get those brainwaves working on some fun things to draw.

  • Find a spot with plenty of leaves, interesting plants, different types of flowers, grass and mud, and make yourselves comfy.
  • Then, take a look around and choose a natural object.
  • Write down all the words that pop into your head that describe the object without using its name. What does it look like? What shapes and colours do you see? How big is it? What textures does it have? What is its natural colour? Describe its scent.
  • Once you’ve written down all the words to describe nature, swap your piece of paper with your friend and try to guess what each other were describing. Was it a rock, a tree, a tree stump or even a worm?
  • Then choose a different object and start all over again.

With so much to see around us, you could play for hours!

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